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If Book Characters Created Computer Passwords

  Every single person on this planet has a password. Whether or not it’s to access their computer, phone or banking account, the person sitting next to you has created a password at some point in their lifetime. Of course, these passwords should always be kept private and shouldn’t be shared with anyone, but when [...]

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Thriller Series You Can Jump Into at Any Point

  These great books all have things in common: they’re all part of series that have multiple books, recurring characters, they’re all thrillers, they’re all great and you can pick them up at any place in the series and still enjoy them. I know this, because I have read from all these series and I [...]

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Addictive Thrillers: You’ll Fly Right Through These Series

I love mystery series! There’s nothing better than finding a great writer who brings to life a fabulous character and then tells multiple stories about their cases or adventures. In that spirit, I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favourite addictive thriller and mystery series. These books are so great that if [...]

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9 Surprising Author Cameos in Movies

If I wrote a book and that book later got adapted into a movie, you’d better believe I’d be hanging around the set as much as possible and trying to meet the actors. And, if one were offered, I wouldn’t say no to making a cameo appearance. These nine author cameos show that I’d be [...]

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7 Great, Gritty Thrillers

I love a good thriller. I am open to all types of thrillers: spy thrillers, psychological thrillers, historical thrillers. But sometimes what you want is the grittiest thriller you can find. So I’ve compiled this list of seven gritty thrillers, starting with the new, poised-to-be-a-blockbuster-success, The Andalucian Friend! Chapters-Indigo | Amazon The Andalucian Friend by [...]

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If You Watch, You’ll Love…

How do you find inspiration for your next read? What about taking the TV shows that you love to watch and seeing where that leads? We’ve done some of that work for you if you watch any of the shows below. Justified is an updated Western. US Marshall Raylan Givens isn’t afraid to shoot to kill [...]

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5 Thrillers Made Into Movies

These tense thrillers have all been made into movies. Which ones have you seen? And which source materials have you read?  Jack Reacher: One Shot by Lee Child Chapters-Indigo | Amazon Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. [...]

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Ainsley Loves…A Wanted Man (and a Contest)

It might be even more accurate to say “Ainsley loves Jack Reacher.” When I first started working at Random House, a coworker turned me on to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. I started with Gone Tomorrow, the 13th book in the series and I was immediately hooked. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a more [...]

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8 Great Books into Movies

This Fall’s crop of movies are quite literary. They range from Anna Karenina to Jack Reacher — so there’s something for everyone. Which one are you most likely to see? Or, are you a movie buff who will watch all of them?   1. Life of Pi This movie, based on Yann Martel‘s bestselling novel [...]

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New Mystery Books Now in Stores

Three books that are going to be very talked about this Fall. Don’t miss them! The Malice of Fortune by Michael Ennis Chapters-Indigo | Amazon Against a teeming canvas of Borgia politics, Niccolò Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci come together to unmask an enigmatic serial killer, as we learn the secret history behind one of [...]

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