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Check out All these Books with Numbers in their Titles

  We’re at the halfway mark in our Reading Bingo Challenge and since we created this fun challenge, we feel like it’s our duty (and our privilege) to give you reading suggestions. When we started working on this post, we thought it might be a bit difficult to find books with numbers in the titles… [...]

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Authors in the House: May Giveaway

  Holy Cats! The month of May was busy here at the Random House of Canada offices. Though it meant we were a bit run off our feet, it is to your benefit, because we now have an insanely good signed book prize pack for you to enter to win! As usual we have something [...]

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Fall 2014 Preview…in GIFs!

  We’re back with our post-conference round up, featuring some of the titles we are most excited about for Fall 2014! Instead of just telling you about the books, we figured out honest to goodness reactions about the books would be the best way to get you just as excited about these great books! First [...]

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6 Celebrities Who Influence Book Readers

  We here at Retreat love celebrities. We’re not above checking gossip sites and keeping up with the Kardashians. It’s hard not to know some of the details about your fave celeb’s lives when you’re working online all day. But one of the main reasons we love celebrities is for their book recommendations. Celebrities hold [...]

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Slightly Misleading Book Titles

  Book titles can be tricky. They’re often deliberately ambiguous because no one wants to read a book called “Coming of age story about young girl who overcomes tragedy to live happily ever after.” Instead, we want a little bit of mystery in the title. We want it to be a good representation of what’s inside [...]

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Book Math

Every season we go into meetings where we learn about the books for next season. So last Fall, we were in our meeting room talking about the books that were coming this Spring. Usually, when a book is introduced, the editors describe it, and then give us some examples of books that are comparable. It [...]

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Why I Picked Up Cloud Atlas

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Cloud Atlas, you’re really missing out. It’s epic, to say the least. I hadn’t heard of Cloud Atlas so when the trailer came out and the movie date was announced, all the buzz put it on my radar. And apparently I wasn’t the only one; reportedly, Twitter shut [...]

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8 Great Books into Movies

This Fall’s crop of movies are quite literary. They range from Anna Karenina to Jack Reacher — so there’s something for everyone. Which one are you most likely to see? Or, are you a movie buff who will watch all of them?   1. Life of Pi This movie, based on Yann Martel‘s bestselling novel [...]

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You Be the Judge

We love looking at book covers. And it’s really interesting to see how different countries approach the cover design for the same books. We’ve put our Canadian covers beside covers from the US or UK in the slideshow below. Let us know which ones are your favourites.

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Cloud Atlas Movie Trailer

Cloud Atlas Movie Trailer

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