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Hey Marshmallows! You Can Win A Copy of the Veronica Mars Book

  This post is being written by a marshmallow AKA  a die-hard Veronica Mars fan, so I’m restraining to use a lot of exclamation points and refraining from writing the word ‘yay’ after every sentence. You can imagine my excitement when I learned that the creator of the show, Rob Thomas, had decided to create [...]

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Spring Break: Books for Your Beach Bag

We know it’s cold and dreary out, but for some of you, the sunshine isn’t too long away. March Break is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re picturing your toes in the sand and a book by your side. Here are some great book suggestions that we think make the perfect [...]

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Books We Can’t Wait For You To Read in March!

  It’s almost time for March break and you know what that means: reading time! At least that’s what we’re wishing for you. So let us tell you which books will be new in stores to curl up with. You might have heard us talking about some of these on Twitter, or Goodreads, but here [...]

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A Wintery Ghost Story in The Winter People

  I know it’s still winter. And I know that when it’s coming up on the end of February the last thing you might be inclined to do is read a book with the word “winter” in it’s title, but if you let that stop you from picking up The Winter People you’d be missing [...]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These Great Bookish Valentine Cards!

  Remember those great Valentine’s Day cards you made in elementary school? We can vividly remember making one for everyone in the class and then delivering them by dropping them into the brown paper back decorated in doilies and red marker. In an attempt to tap into that nostalgic feeling, we created our own bookish [...]

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9 Books About Books

  Sure, we like reading about dragons and wizards, but there’s nothing better than reading a book about books. Book lovers can make an instant connection with the character, because they understand what it’s like to get lost in a new (or old) novel for an entire afternoon. They know what it’s like to forget [...]

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Dark Days, Noir Novels

  These noir novels are perfect for a certain type of day. Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s snowing, but it’s definitely overcast. Or maybe it’s nighttime. Either way, your room is lit by one small table lamp next to your favourite reading chair. And you’ve got your blanket, because it’s not warm outside. And maybe [...]

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Q&A with Bestselling Author Dean Koontz

Everyone around these parts knows that I have been a long-time fan of Dean Koontz and his writing. I started reading his novels when I was a mere fifteen years old! Dean doesn’t do public appearances, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to thank him in person one day, but I love that he [...]

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7 Precocious Book Characters

  The new Flavia de Luce book is out! The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches picks up right after the cliffhanger from the end of Speaking from Among the Bones. It’s fantastic and if you’re a fan of Flavia, you’re going to need to read it. That got me thinking, if you’re a fan of [...]

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Books on the Big Screen in 2014

  There’s nothing better than heading to the movies and ordering a tub of popcorn during the winter months. For book lovers, going to the movies can be extra special, when the movie is an adaptation of bestselling books. Over the holidays, we visited the movies a couple of times and were inspired to write [...]

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