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Reading Bingo: 9 Books With a Blue Cover

  This post is for everyone participating in Reading Bingo. (Or those of you who only read books with blue covers.) Some of the squares in Reading Bingo might seem a little strange when taken out of context. Like this one for instance; “A Book With a Blue Cover.” When making the card we thought [...]

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Has Your Book Club Discussed Death Yet?

Has Your Book Club Discussed Death Yet?

  A few of us in the office were discussing the reality tv show Long Island Medium the other day, and had an animated debate over whether it’s all fake or true (it’s totally true!). It struck me that the topic of death and what happens afterward always brings up some really good discussion, and [...]

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Why the Characters from All My Puny Sorrows Will Make an Impression on Your Heart

  You know what will happen when you read Miriam Toews new novel, All My Puny Sorrows? You will cry and then, you’ll laugh. Known for her insightful and memorizing novels, All My Puny Sorrows tells the story of two sisters, one of which is desperately trying to save her sister from committing suicide. It [...]

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Guest Post from Terry Fallis: 5 Reasons You Should Read Tragedy in the Commons by Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan

  Terry Fallis stopped by Retreat to share five reasons you should read, Tragedy in the Commons: Former Members of Parliament Speak Out About Canada’s Failing Democracy by Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan. Fixing Our Democracy: The Free Ride is Over Even though I once made my living as a political staffer in Ottawa, I’m not happy [...]

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The Word Exchange Word Search

  We in the publishing business, fall even more in love books like The Word Exchange, because it’s about books. But it’s about so much more than that, it’s about language and technology, power and corruption.  In the not so distant future, the forecasted “death of print” has become a reality. Bookstores, libraries, newspapers and [...]

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Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

   Those of you who are Kelley Armstrong fans know that she can write no wrong. Adult supernatural, teen fiction or even mystery. Kelley puts her signature style in everything she writes. And we love it all!   It will be no surprise, then that Sea of Shadows–the first book in her new young adult The [...]

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7 Fictional Books About Music

  Music is a big part of the human experience. It’s such a big deal that one piece of familiar music can transport you back to a memory or pull up a specific feeling. It’s no surprise then that it’s the subject of many books. But only the best writers can take something so auditory and translate [...]

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Guest Post: Claire Battershill Celebrates Circus with Letterpress Bookmarks

  Claire Battershill stopped by Retreat to share a look at creating letterpress printing. She created unique bookmarks to celebrate her new book, Circus. A dazzling collection of award-winning stories with the emotional punch, sharp wit, and disarming charm of Rebecca Lee, Karen Russell, Neil Smith, and Jessica Grant. We’re giving away 10 homemade bookmarks [...]

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Hey Marshmallows! You Can Win A Copy of the Veronica Mars Book

  This post is being written by a marshmallow AKA  a die-hard Veronica Mars fan, so I’m restraining to use a lot of exclamation points and refraining from writing the word ‘yay’ after every sentence. You can imagine my excitement when I learned that the creator of the show, Rob Thomas, had decided to create [...]

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Books We’d Like to See as Movies

  The relationship between books and movies has a long history and it’s one we touch on often here at Retreat,  for example books into movies 2014 and surprising author cameos. But this time we wanted to get out in front of the next great literature inspired movie and make our own suggestions. Here are [...]

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