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Books We Can’t Wait For You To Read in May!

  May flowers are just around the corner. What better excuse to get outside than with a great book? Bring it with you out into the garden, onto your deck, on the nearest patio or in the park. Wherever your favourite outdoor venue, we can pretty much guarantee it will be better with a book. [...]

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Reading Bingo: 9 Books With a Blue Cover

  This post is for everyone participating in Reading Bingo. (Or those of you who only read books with blue covers.) Some of the squares in Reading Bingo might seem a little strange when taken out of context. Like this one for instance; “A Book With a Blue Cover.” When making the card we thought [...]

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Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

   Those of you who are Kelley Armstrong fans know that she can write no wrong. Adult supernatural, teen fiction or even mystery. Kelley puts her signature style in everything she writes. And we love it all!   It will be no surprise, then that Sea of Shadows–the first book in her new young adult The [...]

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7 Fictional Books About Music

  Music is a big part of the human experience. It’s such a big deal that one piece of familiar music can transport you back to a memory or pull up a specific feeling. It’s no surprise then that it’s the subject of many books. But only the best writers can take something so auditory and translate [...]

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Books We Can’t Wait For You To Read in April!

  Can you believe that Spring is almost here? April seems like it’s been a long time coming and not just because of the dismal weather. It’s also a month that brings us so many highly anticipated books! This month’s list of books we can’t wait for you to read is a bit of a [...]

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The Age is Worth the Wait

  Nancy Lee’s debut novel, The Age, comes 12 years after her stunning short story collection, Dead Girls. And it’s been hotly anticipated in that decade. We’re here to tell you that it was worth the wait. As her editor Ellen Seligman said at a toast for the lovely author earlier this week: Nancy Lee [...]

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An Ode to Irish Authors

  Part of my family comes from Ireland. That’s the reason I get a phone call every St. Patrick’s Day from my mom asking me if I’m wearing green.  (I am, Mom.) It’s also the main reason I like this holiday so much. So in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and everything green, we [...]

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9 Books About Publishing

  There’s something so validating about seeing your career choice reflected back to you in your favourite medium. That’s probably why we love books about the publishing industry so much. Well, that and the fact that they are great books in their own right. 1. The Accident by Chris Pavone As dawn approaches in New [...]

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Spring Break: Armchair Travel Books

  Are you, like me, spending the March Break time at home? Forced to see the Facebook photos from friends who’ve travelled to the beach or the ski hill. Well, turn off your computers (after you read this, of course) and open a book. These books are guaranteed to make you forget you’re not out travelling the world [...]

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Spring Break: Books for Teens

  If you’re a teen looking for something to read this spring break (or if you’re someone who loves young adult books), look no farther than this list. It’s sure to have something that will have you running to your Tumblr account after you’ve finished it to gif your reaction. Might we suggest these gifs for these books? [...]

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