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Book Themed Parties

Who doesn’t love a good party?  The best parties always seem to have a theme, one unifying item that can dictate decor, food and activities. And what is a better than a book themed party? If you are looking for inspiration for your next book-ish party check out our inspiration boards below and leave your suggestions for other themed parties in the comments!

Cat in the Hat Party ~ Perfect for a kid’s birthday party, everyone loves Dr. Seuss’ most mischievous character!

1. Adorable Thing 1 and Thing 2 cake pops!
2. Fabulous decor and a great looking cake.
3. Fun and frugal display stands in primary colours.
4. Balloon cat!
5. The inspiration.
6. An easy and fun activity featuring pipe cleaners.

 Life of Pi Party ~ An epic tale of survival and hope, Yann Martel’s novel is the perfect inspiration for an upscale evening.

1. Vegetable Kurma was one of the foods Pi imagined eating while stranded on the boat.
2. Featured cocktail, the aptly named Dark and Stormy.
3. Have copies of the book at the party.
4. Homemade Tiger Tail ice cream, an ode to Richard Parker.
5. Adorable place cards, they’re little boats!
6. Very impressive but perhaps not too feasible, a float-in screening of the movie.

 A Dan Brown Dinner ~ Mystery, intrigue and a little bit of Italy.

1. Delicious pasta, how Italian is that?
2. Set the mood with a great looking table, featuring low lighting and lots of candles.
3. Feeling fancy? This Florence inspired cake is perfect!
5. A double blind wine tasting would be a fun and mysterious activity.
6. The one that started it all, The Da Vinci Code and his newest novel, Inferno.
6. Get your guests moving and solving riddles with a scavenger hunt!

The Night Circus Themed Party ~ Mystical and magical a party full of drama.

1. Set the mood with a wishing tree.
2. Adorable and delicious, chocolate mice.
3. The cover is perfect for display.
4. Simple but dramatic, black and white crepe paper are wonderful decor.
5. Set the tone early with these circus invitations.
6. Circus cookies are whimsical and a great treat.


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  1. LOVE this post, Jess! I’ve always wanted to have a book-themed party!

  2. Great post! I would love to see more posts about book related parties.

  3. Kerri says:

    Awesome ideas! Can’t wait for my next birthday now!


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