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New Mystery Books Now in Stores

Three books that are going to be very talked about this Fall. Don’t miss them!

The Malice of Fortune by Michael Ennis

Chapters-Indigo | Amazon

Against a teeming canvas of Borgia politics, Niccolò Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci come together to unmask an enigmatic serial killer, as we learn the secret history behind one of the most controversial works in the western canon, The Prince…


 A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

Chapters-Indigo | Amazon

Four people in a car, hoping to make Chicago by morning. One man driving, eyes on the road. Another man next to him, telling stories that don’t add up. A woman in the back, silent and worried. And next to her, a huge man with a broken nose, hitching a ride east to Virginia.

All Reacher wanted was a ride to Virginia. All he did was stick out his thumb. But he soon discovers he has hitched more than a ride. He has tied himself to a massive conspiracy that makes him a threat—to both sides at once.

 Crusher by Niall Leonard

Chapters-Indigo | Amazon

The day Finn Maguire discovers his dad bludgeoned to death in a pool of blood, his dreary life is turned upside down. Prime suspect in his father’s murder, Finn must race against time to clear his name and find out who hated his dad enough to kill him.

Scouring the sordid, brutal London underworld for answers, exposing dark family secrets, and facing danger at every turn, Finn is about to learn that it’s the people you trust who can hit you the hardest. . . Crusher is this year’s most talked-about debut thriller.

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Ainsley Sparkes is an avid reader and knitter. She feels that once she learns to knit and read simultaneously she’ll be unstoppable. A life-long love of books has led her to this position as Online Marketing Coordinator at Random House of Canada. But who knows, her recently reignited interest in mystery novels may convince her to give it all up to become a detective. You should follow Ainsley on Twitter here @RandomHouseCA. or here @AinsleySparkes.

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  1. Carol A says:

    Ainsley, there is a way around the knitting and reading together, it’s called audio books :) Best thing ever!


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