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Enter to Win The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Enter to Win The Twelve by Justin CroninIf you loved The Passage by Justin Cronin, we know you’re likely itching to get your hands on the second book in the trilogy (or thrillogy, as I like to call it.  See what I did there? Was that lame? Yeah, I’m like that.).

So here’s your big chance! I’m thrilled (ha!) to offer you a chance to win one of 12 advance reading copies of The Twelve.

What I can tell you: it’s every bit as fast-paced, leave-the-lights-on, and can’t-stop-til-the-last-page amazing as the first book.

What I can’t tell you: The ending. Seriously, did you really want me to spill the beans?

If you haven’t heard of The Passage, ask anyone nearby and they can likely tell you about it. If not, here’s what a few reviewers had to say:

Praise for The Passage

“Every so often a novel-reader’s novel comes along: an enthralling, entertaining story wedded to simple, supple prose, both informed by tremendous imagination. Summer is the perfect time for such books, and this year readers can enjoy the gift of Justin Cronin’s The Passage. Read fifteen pages and you will find yourself captivated; read thirty and you will find yourself taken prisoner and reading late into the night. It has the vividness that only epic works of fantasy and imagination can achieve. What else can I say? This: read this book and the ordinary world disappears.”
—Stephen King

“The monsters in this compulsive nail biter are the scariest in fiction since Stephen King’s vampires in Salem’s Lot… This exceptional thriller should be one of the most popular novels this year and will draw in readers everywhere.”
Library Journal, starred review

“Fans of vampire fiction who are bored by the endless hordes of sensitive, misunderstood Byronesque bloodsuckers will revel in Cronin’s engrossingly horrific account of a post-apocalyptic America… [Cronin] manages to engage the reader with a sweeping epic style.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and enter!
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Cassandra Sadek is a thirty-something mama to an active boy who loves to read books (and dance, and shout, and make wonderful messes, etc.). Her own childhood love of reading ultimately sparked a career in publishing. As Director of Online Marketing for Random House of Canada, Cass happily spreads her enthusiasm for good reads to anyone who will listen. Follow Cass on Twitter at @literalicious or @RandomHouseCA.

174 Responses to “Enter to Win The Twelve by Justin Cronin”

  1. Gwenyth Love says:

    Finally! It feels like I have been waiting for this for FOREVER! Not sure about fav thriller, typically not a big fan of them. But if you would call The Passage a thriller then I will go with that!

    • Kat says:

      It definitely changes a lot of people’s minds, Gwenyth. Readers say they don’t typically read thrillers and then The Passage just sucked them in :) .

  2. Heather T says:

    The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris is still up there as one of my top picks!

  3. Rose Holloway says:

    Sandstorm by James Rollins

  4. Mary says:

    I have been enjoying books by Linwood Barclay.

  5. kate says:

    I hated how the last one ended so quickly, I’ve been waiting so long for this one to come out!!

  6. Heather A says:

    My favourite thriller is Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. I also love Daniel Silva’s series featuring Gabriel Allon.

  7. Joy says:

    I love anything written by Joy Fielding and Tami Hoag!

  8. Sheila says:

    I am reading the Passage right now. I would love to win the Twelve. Justin Cronin never disappoints. He writes very well.

  9. Catharine says:

    The Snowman

  10. Teresa says:

    Looking forward to reading both The Passage & The Twelve. Thank you for brining it to my attention. TBR List here we go again! ;)
    Have recently discovered Simon Toyne, loved Sanctus & The Key. By the sounds of the reviews, if you like Cronin, you’ll like Toyne. (I hope.) O_o

  11. Christina R says:

    Was pleased to have gone to a reading of his. Really looking forward to the continuation of the series. Favorite thriller? That is just too difficult to pin down.

  12. David says:

    I have to say The Passage, I can’t wait for The Twelve!!!

  13. David says:

    Easily The Passage, I can’t wait for The Twelve!!!

  14. Really enjoyed the first book. Great to see scary vampires again.

    Also really liked the characters from the latter part of the book. Hope they get to stick around for the rest of the story.

    Thanks for the contest!

  15. Mary Ward says:

    I think it would be a toss up between The Passage and The Stand.

  16. Ryan Hopkins says:

    My favorite recent thriller is definitely The Passage. I really love the James Rollins books, Sandstorm is my favorite from my high school days!

  17. My favorite thriller = The Stand by Stephen King.

  18. Brian says:

    The Passage, and hopefully soon to be The Twelve.

  19. Melinda says:

    The War of the Worlds.

  20. W.G. Silva says:

    I am reading the Passage right now. I would love to win the Twelve.

  21. Sharon K says:

    The War of the Worlds

  22. sari says:

    I loved The Shining by Stephen King. And of course, The Passage, but that goes without saying. :-)

  23. Adina H. says:

    The Last Oracle by James Rollins

  24. Scott says:

    The Passage is right up there with the best of them.

  25. Tove Starscream says:

    Oh i could never pick just one book of any genre i like most. I dont even know if i read anything that counts as thrillers.. im in a Stephen King phase at the moment.

  26. M Canerdy says:

    If I start now, I can re-read The Passage before The Twelve comes out!

    • Kat says:

      Good idea! I love re-reading a story before a new one comes out by the same author. There’s just something to it that makes the new one even better.

  27. Margaret Brodie says:

    Really looking forward to this book – it seems so long since i read the passage.

  28. Phantom by Jo Nesbo. Well, actually anything by Jo Nesbo!

  29. Kata says:

    The Passage is certainly one of the most thrilling books I’ve read in recent memory. I also loved The Strain.

  30. janice montroy says:


  31. cori says:

    haven’t read a thriller in awhile!

  32. shannon ralph says:

    the passage is my fave!

  33. Elvina Barclay says:

    I can’t wait to read this. When I read The Passage I was seriously afraid to sleep with the the lights out!

  34. Shirley E says:

    Anything by James Patterson

  35. Lori says:

    The Passage! :)

  36. Terri van Gulik says:

    I have been waiting for this!!! I’ve been sharing my copy of the Passage, and getting some new fans! Can’t wait.

  37. Andrew says:

    Gerald’s Game

  38. Mary M says:

    Favorite thriller – The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan

  39. Jen Harvey says:

    Love The Passage. Great writing. Reads like a movie. Can’t wait for the new one!

  40. Marie says:

    Anything by Glenn Cooper or John Verdon. Love both of these authors.

  41. Nancy says:

    The Passage

  42. Kathleen lenshyn says:

    I have been waiting with baited breath to get to read this sequel. The ending of the first book was just too uncertain. I have been dreaming up continuing dramas in my head about this book.

  43. Kathleen lenshyn says:

    Oh yes the best thriller has got to be The Passage, you never new when one of thos monsters would crop up, and someone would lose their head.

  44. Joe Rusin says:

    My favorite thriller is anything by James Rollins

  45. Kevin says:

    Loved book 1! I can’t wait to read book two!

  46. Bons says:

    At the moment, my favourite thriller is The Passage!

  47. Elvina Barclay says:

    I recently read “The Hypnotist” by Lars Kepler, a really great thriller. I look forward to reading The Twelve.

  48. Chelsea Watters-Wybrow says:

    Such a cool contest! Would love to get my hands on this book!

  49. Rizwana says:

    I love books written by Camilla Lackberg and Daniel Silva!

  50. Margaret says:

    This sounds like a very good book to bring on my upcoming 15 hour flight.

  51. Nikki says:

    I just finished Gone Girl and loved it!

  52. Rhiannon says:

    Cannot wait for this to come out!

  53. LS says:

    Rafflecopter is not loading for me so I can’t see the question.

    • Cass says:

      Occasionally Rafflecopter has outages. Try reloading the page after a while and try again? Let us know if you still have issues with it.

  54. Nicole B says:

    Holy bananas! Have been waiting for this forever!!! Can’t wait! I’m sure the day I get a copy I won’t be able to put it down!

  55. Heidi Back says:

    Thriller fave? Toughie!
    I loved The Passage, definitely a top ten. I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to see if book 2 and 3 come through and thrill as well as the 1st!
    I’m a big Stephen King fan so I’d have to choose one from his for my number 1 fave. Insomnia or The Tower series or The Dome. One of those, lol.

  56. Chris says:

    The Shining

  57. W. says:

    A great percentage of the books often described as *thrillers* are usually anything but. I’ve now outed myself as the kid that doesn’t do his proverbial homework so if a dressing down is warranted, you may shoot me with your recommendations (and you also might miss.) Having said that, some of my lately-reads displaying what I believe to be *thriller-like* qualities: Laurent Binet’s HHhH, Percival Everett’s Assumption, Brian Evenson’s Windeye & Victor Lavalle’s The Devil In Silver.

    Having slighted (most of) an entire genre and its subsequent readership, admitting that I don’t do any of the assignments, showing a blatant disregard for following directions and simple arithmetic by citing four examples when only one is asked for…seems like as good a place as any to stop.

  58. Evan says:

    Thank you so much, and like others – I’d also have to say The Passage. Cheers.

  59. Chris says:

    Not a big reader of thrillers, but I loved The Passage!

  60. Meghan Paton says:

    My favourite thriller that I’ve read recently is Gone Girl! I couldn’t put it down!

    • Lindsey says:

      That’s what we like to hear! Did you see Gillian Flynn on The View promoting Gone Girl? She’s a really interesting woman!

  61. Sara says:

    Ummm I would have to say The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I loved the entire series but the first book was what hooked me and made me want to finish the series :)

  62. Sandra Furlotte says:

    The Passage is on my to read list. I am also a big fan of Douglas Preston.

  63. Alicia M says:

    I honestly did not read any thriller novels before The Passage, which I was a little hesitant about at first, but became hooked!! I followed up The Passage with Robopocalypse and now regularly read thrillers.

  64. Sandi Brontman says:

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo . All three books

  65. Linda says:

    Stony River by Tricia Dower

  66. Carrie Mastrangelo says:

    The Passage was the best thriller I have read in quite a while! Anxiously awaiting this book!

  67. Karen says:

    Yes, can’t wait for this one! The Passage was definitely my fave of the last few years.

  68. l p says:

    anything by James Patterson. thanks

  69. olga says:

    I’d have to go with his first book – The Passage. It seriously creeped me the heck out!

  70. Jane Phillips says:

    Hard to pick just one! I just read Tess Gerritsen’s The Mephisto Club and she’s been my favourite thriller writer since I read The Keepsake a few years ago. I just got The Passage, but haven’t read it yet – perhaps that will become my favourite thriller.

  71. Nelsa says:

    Of course, The Passage!

  72. Cindy says:

    I loved the Pelican Brief

  73. Jill says:

    Normally not a big fan of thrillers so I guess The Passage IS my favourite –I can’t wait for it to come out, and to have an advance copy would be amazing!

  74. amber keller-beer says:

    I don’t know.. I have read so many good books

  75. Anything by James Patterson. I love… Thanks

  76. Elise says:

    Not typically a big ‘thriller’ fan, but have read some Stephen King that I enjoyed – he’s a great writer whatever the genre!

  77. Nolan Kubbernus says:

    Bourne Ultimatum

  78. Susan says:

    The Passage kept me awake reading night after night. Have you ever considered taking the day off work so you can finish your book?
    The urgency I felt to keep on reading reminded me of when I was a teen reading Stephen King’s “It”.
    My ereader is charging right now. I’m starting to re-read The Passage
    tonight. It’s my day off tomorrow!

  79. Edith says:

    Love anything thrilling. Reading Kjell Erikkson now.

  80. Sherry says:

    I bought The Passage when it first came out but didn’t pick it up till recently. Not sure why I waited that long-it’s fantastic and I can’t put it down!!! Can’t wait for the second book!!!

  81. Dave B says:

    Great contest! Would love to read! If I win, I’ll eat a bug!

  82. Andrea says:

    my favourite thrillers are pretty much anything by Stephen King.

  83. Michelle says:

    Stephen King’s The Stand. I can’t wait to read The Passage and The Twelve!

  84. Peter B. says:

    The shining.

  85. Joyce says:

    absolutely anything by Stephen King

  86. Sylvia says:

    Best reads ever, are books that keep you guessing right until the end of the final page — and then leave you wondering is this really the ending?
    Maybe easier to list some favourite authors – including those whoe writings “cross over” during their fantastic story telling:
    John LeCarre, John Grisham, James Cross, Michael Crichton, William Gibson, Perri O’Shaughnessy,Jeffery Deaver, Stephen King, Anne Rivers Siddons….

  87. wesley says:

    Bourne Ultimatum

  88. P Lambert says:

    Love thrillers, would like to read this.

  89. christelle says:

    favourite thriller: the hypnotist

  90. Jennifer says:

    Stephen King’s It. Absolutely do not like clowns.

  91. stellar says:

    The Shining is my fav.

  92. jane says:

    would love to have this book!

  93. Sandra Rooke says:

    The Passage!

  94. AgnesM says:

    Christine by Stephen King is one of my favourite thrillers!



  96. Debbie Young says:

    Reading The Passage now. Hopefully Twelve will be just as good.

  97. Scarlett says:

    I need a new thriller to add to the top of my list – haven’t had a good one in years. Eye of the Needle after all these years I guess.

  98. Dee says:

    Haven’t read it yet, but would love to.

  99. Dee says:

    I loved the Da Vinci code and I don’t care what the critics say.

  100. Wanda Huff says:

    I must stick with many of you and say Stephen King’s IT, it had a wicked impact on me since I was only 13 or 14 when I read it, but it held me page after page. I remember thanking the textbook industry for making textbooks big enough to hide it in so I could read through classes….lol!
    Have loved reading all of Stephen King’s, John Saul’s and Dean Koontz’s books growing up and to this day. I love a good thrill read and movie especially in the dark by myself, must have the full impact!

  101. Jodie says:

    I don’t read a lot of thrillers but some of Stephen King’s short stories are surprisingly good.

  102. Eve says:

    I absolutely love this author!!!! Am so excited to read his novel.

  103. Greta says:

    Sarah’s Key

  104. Jane says:

    The historical mystery series (Mr. Slaughter, etc.) by Robert McCammon — great — lengthy and rich with characters. Plus the main character is wonderful. Stephen King — 11/22/63 — terrific.
    Any Dean Koontz book that features a golden retriever (which is a lot of his books), particularly The Watchers — with Einstein, the genius dog. Ruth Rendell — scary good.

  105. Celina says:

    Looking forward to this!

  106. Lori P says:

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (actually, the entire Millennium Trilogy!)

  107. nikki robak says:

    It by stephen king

  108. Mary Ann Woods says:

    The Passage was a darn good thriller! I read it while I was in the hospital for a week and it definitely helped take my mind off my procedures. Thank you, Justin!

  109. My favourite thriller would be Under the Skin by Michel Faber. One of my favourite books ever!

  110. Connie Faulkner says:

    As an avid reader, I would like to read The Twelve by Justin Cronin

  111. Lin says:

    Love this author. Hope I win the book.

  112. Linda Peters says:

    I would have to say The Stand

  113. Jaclyn says:

    I loved The Passage! It was a huge doorstop of a book, and I read the hardcover edition, so it was even more difficult to lug around, but it was so worth it!

  114. Jaclyn says:

    Oops, I posted that comment before reading the question. Hard for me to pick a favourite thriller, TBH. I love most of Stephen King’s books, J. Cronin’s The Passage, of course, Andrew Pyper’s The Guardians… A couple of thrillers that kept me up were S.J. Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep and Elizabeth Haynes’ Into the Darkest Corner. :)

  115. Tanya says:

    Can’t wait!!! Too much time has spanned… It’s borderline cruel, actually :S

  116. Heather says:

    Does the Odd Thomas series count?

  117. Shandra says:

    Da Vinci Code and Name of the Rose!

  118. Shannon says:

    If it is as good as The Passage, I look forward to reading it.

  119. Shannon says:

    The Passage.

    For those who didn’t get it.

  120. Linda L. says:

    Anything by Agatha Christie is my idea of a thriller!

  121. harriet says:

    from recent reads I would have to say S.J. Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep

  122. Susan says:

    Stiegg Larsen’s trilogy.

  123. Darlene says:

    I loved Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott.

  124. Patricia Boyle says:

    My favorite thiller is “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

  125. ASHLEY O says:


  126. Sandra Ryan says:

    Gee, it’s really tough to name just one favourite thriller. Hmmm…since I can’t put it down to just one, would a series be OK? The Bourne series.

  127. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I like Joy fielding

  128. shelly s says:

    I don’t really have favorite thriller as I normally do not read them, but I certainly am willing to give this novel a try

  129. Jacquie Hess says:

    I like anything by Patricia Cornwall.

  130. Cheryl A says:

    Cronin NEVER has never disappointed!

  131. Such a tough choice! But the last one I remember being really creeped out by was Those Across the River. Still gives me shivers!

  132. Holly W says:

    Not sure if it is considered a thriller or not, but I really enjoyed the millennium trilogy!

  133. Linda A says:

    The Passage

  134. Roxann says:

    If it’s as good as “The Passage” it should be terrific…

  135. Teresa M. says:

    I like P.D. James and British Mystery Authors.

  136. I am dying for a new book to read. I was in the hospital in June for a week and managed to finish a book that I have been trying to read for something like 3-years.
    It was called RELENTLESS.
    Man was it creepy.
    Had to sleep with the lights on.
    And when I got the courage to sleep with the lights off.
    I would be frightened in the middle of the night by the nurse who would come in with that flashlight from hell and scare the crap out of me, checking to see that I were okay.

  137. Jennifer L. says:

    Anything by Stephen King. The Shining scared me a lot.

  138. Elaine C. says:

    Tough call! I think I’ll have to go with The Stand.

  139. bonnie says:

    Hummm I think right now it has to be “Light on snow” Not so much a thriller but it is suspensful.

  140. Andrew Zvagulis says:

    It is an oldie, but I would have to say “Silence of the Lambs”.

  141. Anne says:

    I love British mysteries, especially Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendall and P.D. James. Looking forward to reading this book……….

  142. Janet says:

    I just finished Ruth Rendell’s Murder being Once Done. I enjoyed it very much.

  143. Lori says:

    Cape Fear

  144. Michelle Bradley says:

    I would love to win this book by Justin Cronin.

  145. B H Wade says:

    Thrillers are always the mainstay in my reading library, since High School (and that’s a very long time ago). I must say “The Eight” by Katherine Neville hit all the right pressure points for me. I must read “The Passage” next, as I have yet to put this one in my repertoire. I’m looking forward to it!

  146. Jean L. says:

    Favorite is John Connolly’s The Killing Kind.

  147. George says:

    I like Reginald Hill mysteries; they may not be considered thrillers as such, but I am on the edge of my seat until the book ends.I just finished A Killing Kindness.

  148. Stephanie says:

    The Passage! LOL!

  149. Judy Williams says:

    That would be the Passage

  150. Cat says:

    The Stand, gives me chills just thinking about it!

  151. Jason says:

    I just finished Andre Taylor’s Bleeding Heart Square.

  152. Anne Derkat says:

    I like british authors like P.D. James

  153. Deb H says:

    The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris is my all time fave

  154. Tintin says:

    My fave thriller is The Passage.

  155. CarolynW says:

    almost out of summer reads & the summer isn’t over – would love to win a new book!

  156. Jenn says:

    Loved The Passage! Its my favourite.

  157. Robert Stoner says:

    I loved the Passage and a number of other titles people have mentioned here (ala Silence of the Lambs). I recently read Dan Simmons’ Sci-Fi masterpiece Hyperion, and it had a few cool thriller moments. A great fantasy/sci-fi/horror/thriller hybrid.

  158. Jerry says:

    Silence of the lambs for sure.

  159. Julie says:

    I’ve really enjoyed all the Robert Ludlum novel’s – this read I know my sister will adore.


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